Athens: Southern Soul + The Heart Of Indie Rock

Home to legendary acts like R.E.M. and the B-52s, Athens is still churning out major music from folk to indie to rock and breaking big bands in a place full of d.i.y. fashion, vinyl, fried chicken and a whole lotta soul.

This Is The Place: Athens Spotify Playlist

“Even Hippies Have Enemies” – Velocirapture

“Hash” -Easter Island

“Start Me Laughing” – Dead Confederate

“Duchess for Nothing” – Tunabunny

“Backstories” – Glass Giraffes

“Moving Targets” – Monahan

“Houseboat Babies” – Reptar

“Sister” -Muuy Biien

“Bars and Stripes” -Man Ray

“Lays Around Lazy (LIVE)” – White Violet

“Country Moon Part II” – New Madrid

“Summer Dream Sigh” – New Madrid

“Dirty Talk” – Monahan

“Pond” – New Madrid

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