Denver: When Sky’s The Limit, Altitude Breeds EDM

In Denver, the rocky mountains and natural landscape are giving birth to a new wave of electronic dance music. From self-proclaimed “walking art project” Paper Diamond to Two Fresh to Unlimited Aspect, experimentation and technology are pushing local bands to new heights.

This Is The Place: Denver Spotify Playlist

“PaperHype” (Co-Produced by Protohype ) – Paper Diamond

“Blood & Bones” – Paper Bird

“All Goose” – Paper Diamond

“Can We Go Up” – Paper Diamond

Hello Nasty” – Unlimited Aspect

“Tip Your Glass” – Two Fresh

“There Goes The Sun” – A. Tom Collins

“Like A Summer Breeze” – Paper Diamond

“Paperskin” – Snake Rattle Rattle Snake

“As I Am” (Performed Live) – Paper Bird

“Three Fingers In” (Performed Live) – Nathaniel Rateliff

“Break The Same” – Snake Rattle Rattle Snake

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