Minneapolis: A Place So Cold The Music Has To Be Hot

Up north in Minneapolis, hip-hop is blazing through the streets with the sounds of Greg Grease, Doomtree, and P.O.S., alongside the likes of Har Mar Superstar and girl-group The Chalice.  And if you thought beats were best served warm, hear this: “It gets cold, it snows, we make records, and it warms up, we play those records … a lot.”

This Is The Place: Minneapolis Spotify Playlist

“Get Down (feat. Mike Mictlan)” – P.O.S.

“Alright” – Sean Anonymous


“Lady, You Shot Me” – Har Mar Superstar

“Push It” – The Chalice

“Spectacular (feat. Mike Mictlan)” – Greg Grease

“Interlude”  – Greg Grease

“C.R.E.a.M. Dreams” – Greg Grease

“The Grand Experiment” – Doomtree

“Dark Soccer” – Pony Bwoy

“Nails” – Umami

“Bad Boy Masterpiece” – Marijuana Deathsquads

“Bully” – Lazerbeak

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